Strategic Partners

Aptus Business Consulting Services, Inc. works with several world-class strategic partners and recognized industry leaders to provide our clients with comprehensive security, crisis management and communications services.

Behavioral Science Applications

Behavioral Science Applications (BSA) helps organizations interpret and apply behavioral science research to violence prevention and emergency management plans, policies, procedures and exercises, as well as real-time response. BSA offers access to some of the world’s foremost experts in the behavioral sciences and homeland security. Our associates are available to qualified organizations for planning, training and consulting engagements. Each of BSA’s associates has an extensive background in law enforcement, security, emergency management and the behavioral or social sciences, combined with decades of front line experience.

Innovation Bound
Works with Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to create valuable thought leadership, re-invent their organizations, launch new ideas, and solve complex problems.  Our consultants hold higher degrees in innovation, creativity, business, and related fields, and bring a global outlook with a strong corporate "common sense" philosophy.

RisknCompliance Consulting Group
RnC2® provides data security services through comprehensive risk mitigation strategies and tools to protect client data environments.   RnC2® is focused on Risk and Advisory Services, Identity Access Management, Regulatory and Compliance, Logging Correlation and Monitoring, which include the development and implementation of strategies, security or privacy risk; identity management; regulatory compliance; and security or privacy operations.

Global Rescue, LLC
Global Rescue provides the highest level of medical and security from the world's top experts and emergency evacuations from around the globe.