Risk Management and Organizational Effectiveness

Aptus provides comprehensive risk management and investment advisory consulting services designed to meet regulatory compliance (legal and regulatory) and to satisfy the general and unique strategic, operational, and organizational needs, goals and objectives of our clients.

Why Focus on Risk Management:  Risk Management takes into consideration the operational effectiveness and enterprise value chain to insure the overall health and stability of the business.  We, therefore, take a holistic view within Risk Management and have created the “R4” framework: Reduce, Respond, Recover, Restore.

How We Achieve Your Goals:  Aptus consultants strive to understand enterprise risk to reduce or mitigate probable events that could impact your organization.  We establish response protocols to insure rapid evaluation and threat management capabilities.  This structure enables a rapid response for the safety of your critical human capital and assets and situational awareness for recovery of critical business functions.  Finally, following the impact of an event, our tool set provides the information required for restoration and resumption of pre-event/impact services.

Why our Risk Management R4 framework works: We view the client enterprise as a whole and focus on:

  • Products & Services
  • Management & Staff
  • Operations & Facilities
  • Customers & Supply Chain

Finally, Aptus Consulting Services considers the organizational value chain which enables opportunities for organizational effectiveness, reduction of redundancies, and transformational growth. We utilize our PM3 framework (project, program and portfolio management) to provide service delivery excellence.