Risk Management & Business Resilience

Risk Management
Provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the clients organizational, operational and financial condition and well-being.  Our Risk Management framework is focused on the identification and mitigation of risk to the following:

  • Products & Services
  • Management & Staff
  • Operations & Facilities
  • Customers & Supply Chain

Business Resilience:

Provides the Recover and Restore aspects of our R4 framework.  We develop the policies, procedures and protocols to insure your organization functions within regulatory guidelines.  And, using this data, to keep critical functions operational during adverse conditions with the intent on full recovery of services following a disruption.   Other key elements of Business Resilience include:

  • Data Security:  Aptus partners with experts in the Information Security and Data Privacy space to safeguard critical assets in order mitigate the ever present cyber security threats facing global business. 
  • Physical Security:  Aptus views Physical Security as the first line of defense in protecting your organizational assets.  Enabling the appropriate level of controls promotes a culture of awareness and safety that employees and shareholders value.
  • Disaster Recovery:  Aptus recommends redundancy commensurate to meet the service level objectives of your critical operations and alternative solutions to fully recover operations over time.